As a trusted manufacturer in the safety industry for over 15 years, YourGGS (a division of Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing, Inc.) understands the needs of hard-working individuals to protect themselves on the job: both at work and at home. Provided with decades of knowledge and expertise, the team at YourGGS can provide solutions for every job, every day. This includes an extensive line of not only hand protection but also eyewear, hearing protection, cooling products, and protective clothing.

Innovative Solutions
We don’t accept excuses. Whatever the task at hand, we will find a protective solution that will fit your needs. Protective solutions aren’t just for the workplace – we believe that everyone should have access to the most comfortable, protective products at affordable prices, whatever you’re using it for.

Every Job
From gardening, to shoveling snow, to construction, to dealing with harmful chemical cleaners, we know every task has its safety challenges, and we are here to take those challenges head-on, providing high-end products for every situation. From head-to-toe, we have got you covered (literally). Gloves, protective clothing, high-end safety eyewear, head protection, hearing protection, and cooling products are by your side (or on your face) to tackle the toughest jobs. You deserve to have the best options available when choosing safety wear for the task at hand.

Every Day
We build gear that outlasts the toughest environments. Many of our eyewear styles are rated to withstand ballistic impact, ensuring that in any environment, you are protected. We’ve done the research. We know that one moment, one loud noise, one airborne particle can change your life forever. YourGGS works tirelessly to make sure that every day; you can work in security and confidence, protected from all kinds of hazards.